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Smashy Road Arena is an action game where you play as a fighter who has been transported to another world. You must fight against other fighters to win matches and climb up the ranks.
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Smashy Road Arena Mod Apk Latest Version

The Smashy Road Arena Mod Apk tells about a new city survival game that showed up in worldwide mobile games. This post will tell you all details about the Smashy Road Arena and its gameplay and other things. So if you wanted to know, what is it? Or maybe you want to download and play on your android or ios device, then go through the article below for more information about this fantastic game!

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Smashy Road Arena is an off-road survival game set in the future. Most highways are blocked by cars and traffic jams, making it impossible for any driver to move around or escape from a city full of zombies that have taken over every road in the town! These zombies try to attack you while you drive your car, but these attacks will not kill you; this makes this kind of zombie game more unique than other offline.

By the way, this Smashy Road Arena game got a BAFTA award in 2016. It is that good for real! You should give it a try!


The main character in the game is named ‘Smashy.’ The job of Smashy Road Aren is to avoid the cops and destroy the cars. If you hit a cop, your score will be reduced by half. So, this is one of those kinds of games where you try not to get caught. And when there are no cops around, Smashy will collect the money from the cars. That is one of those things about this game that makes it fun to play.

But still, there are some downsides to the Smashy Road Arena game. For example, you cannot change your car or something like that. So, I guess sometimes it could be tiresome to play with only one car model always available. But wait for new updates! We might get more cars later on.

Graphics and Sound

One thing I love about the Smashy Road Arena game is its music and graphics! The background sounds are so inspiring. And there are so many different kinds of sound effects in it too! So, with good graphics and excellent music, this game is worth playing, especially if you like action games!

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Features of Smashy Road Arena Mod Apk

  1. Smashy road arena is mobile vehicular combat.

Smashy road’s gameplay involves the player having to engage with 64 different opponents to become number 1 on the leaderboards, with weapons and vehicles ranging from baseball bats and hockey sticks to chainsaws and rocket launchers. It features a single-player mode called ‘Smashy Roads,’ which has been described by reviewers as “addictive,” “refreshing,” and “fast-paced.” The game also contains various multiplayer modes that allow players to challenge each other through online servers.

  1. Multiplayer deathmatch racing car vehicular combat vehicle mayhem games!

Smashy road arena has been met with mixed reviews from critics, currently holding a score of 61 on Metacritic and 3.3 out of 5 on iTunes. Some complaints stem from the difficulty curve and vehicles not feeling different enough from each other. The game has since been fixed by adding more playable vehicles and changing some weapons.

In the Smashy road arena, your main goal is to upgrade the vehicle you have so far using gold coins to buy new, better cars with guns or chainsaws or whatever. This way, you win many races against players who try to beat you down, so be careful!!

  1. In-game currency for purchases:

Smashy Road Arena Mod Apk is a fun unlimited vehicle racing simulation game in which you sneak into a jail, steal another car, and smash as many people as you can. So, the competition aims to do that over and over again without getting busted by the police!

  1. Online Multiplayer Mode

Smashy road arena is an entertaining multiplayer online vehicular combat racing game. It has straightforward controls, and you have to tap the right side of your screen for breaking left to turn left and vice versa. Also, you need to tap on the right side of your screen for acceleration!

  1. Weapons in arena mode!

Smashy road arena was recognized as IndieDB’s “Indie of The Year” in 2017, with the nomination being based solely on user ratings. It also received nominations for four other awards during the same ceremony – including “Best Racing,” “Best Vehicle,” “Best Art,” and “Most Innovative.”

  1. Smashy Road Arena Weapon Guide!

There are many different types of weapons that can be used in the game besides the ones listed above; users have a great list of all the current weapons available.

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Tips & Tricks to Play

  1. Shop the EASY MODE Character:

Click on the ‘shop’ button to open up the ‘legacy box’ in the main menu. In it, there is a unique EASY MODE character. But if you want to go for this character instead of buying it with 100 rings in a legacy box, you have to start from scratch!!! In the Smashy road arena racing game, your goal is to upgrade your vehicle using gold coins you collect by winning races and then buy new faster cars with guns or chainsaws!!

  1. How do break out of jail?

Smashy road arena was initially released in 2015 as a mobile-only game. It uses a twin-stick setup with a top-down view, and it’s a single-player-only affair. Playing as an unnamed prisoner, you break out from jail and have to escape from the police to reach your final goal – freedom!

  1. Use of nitro!

If someone who is 20 levels above me catches up to me using nitro in multiplayer games, I will get pushed back even though we both used the same amount of nitro. If a character is ten levels higher than the other character, he has increased acceleration, speed, and damage. It means that he can quickly push others back even without using nitro but instead uses breaks.

  1. Tap-to-accelerate control!

Smashy Road Arena features a simple Tap-to-accelerate control scheme, with your collectible weapons being used by performing swipes on the touch screen of your device. All cars have their unique attributes and upgrade levels, making each ride feel different from one another – whether handling or top speed bonuses/penalties. Also, whoever is level 30 can quickly push others even without nitro! It is because his acceleration and speed are increased, so he can easily catch up with you.


Smashy Road is one of the most exciting games that you can play with your friends or family in your free time. It is an adventurous game that requires fast reaction skills and logical thinking. In short, Smashy road arcade is a great action game at its best. So, if you have time to kill and looking for some fun, you should play it right now!

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