Hero Hunters Mod Apk v5.9.1 (Unlimited Money/Gold)

Play as one of three heroes in Hero Hunters Mod Apk action RPG adventure set in an epic fantasy universe. Fight monsters, collect loot, and level up to become stronger than ever before.
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Hero Hunters Mod Apk Latest Version

Hero Hunters Mod Apk is a strategy game where you will need to build your town and establish several defenses to protect your city from bandits and hordes of enemies that attack you all day and night.

To be able to defend your city, you will need to collect the necessary resources that are necessary for building and reinforcing defenses like food (used to build barracks), wood (required for building walls), and iron (used for upgrading your towers). You can increase these resources by sending several groups of heroes on expeditions so you can collect reward items.

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Another cool thing about this game is the fact that there are many heroes to unlock. As you go through the game, you’ll unlock new heroes with unique skills that you may use in combat or explore the world map.

One of the main features of this game is to form a powerful group of heroes that you can freely choose from several options. As these heroes gain XP, they will be able to level up and unlock new skills that you can use during battles.


Heroes Hunters Mod Apk is the most popular action game which may play on an android mobile phone. Hero Hunters is a fantastic game built by some of the top developers in the world, and you may play it with your friends. You can play this game with three heroes fighting against all enemy players. Now download the Hero Hunters Mod Apk full version for free of cost from www.apkbone.com.

This game also offers a multiplayer mode (which is PVP). So, if you’re tired of playing against bots, take advantage of this feature, get your friends together, and try to defeat them in battle.

Game Mode: Multiplayer online game mode with three heroes fighting against each other. The gameplay is not ideal for single players, according to the survival mode.

Hack Option: There are unlimited coins, and gems available in this MOD APK to complete the gameplay faster and easier.

System Requirements: Minimum required specs of the device are 512 MB RAM and Android version 4.0 or higher.

Features of Hero Hunters Mod Apk

Unlimited Heroes:

In this game, the player has an endless amount of heroes to pick among the heroes available in this game are:

Baron Ironblood: He can use machine guns and other weapons. His superpower is summoning the missiles as he fires at enemy walls and structures. His level cap is 22.

Jack O’Hara: He also uses machine guns and other weapons. His superpower is to shoot bullets at the enemy, which kills him instantly. His level cap is 24.

Sasha: She can use knives and wear armor. Her superpower is her fist, with which she punches the opponent on his face causing massive damage to them. Her level cap is 21.

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Vikke: He can use swords, shields, and other weapons. His superpower is his shield which he throws at the enemy causing massive damage to him. His level cap is 24.

Inky: She uses machine guns and wears armor. Her superpower is summoning a portal at her position from where she shoots bullets with a machine gun. Her level cap is 21.

Osa: He uses guns and wears armor. A “Totem” that he may summon in battle serves as a shield for his character in this particular game. His level cap is 24.

Lance: He uses a bow and arrows, grenades, and other weapons. His superpower is summoning bombs from where he can throw them at enemies giving massive damage to them. His level cap is 24.

Agent Jones: He uses pistols and wears armor. For him, the ability to discharge bullets from both hands at his opponent is a game-changing ability that guarantees his opponent’s quick death. His level cap is 21.

Smolder: He can use a sword, shield, and other weapons. His superpower is his sword which he throws at the opponent giving massive damage to him and his surroundings. His level cap is 24.

Cpt Cole: He uses sniper rifles and wears armor. His superpower is to call reinforcements to help him in a battle with the enemies in this game. His level cap is 22.

Hodd: He uses bows and arrows, grenades, etc.; his superpower is summoning a “Totem” from where he shoots an arrow that pierces through all types of shields, available in this game for defense aim, thereby making it very easy to kill an opponent. His level cap is 22.

B.A. Baracus: Wearing heavy armor and using high-tech sniper weapons, this character can summon an airborne chopper and fire several shots at his target, killing him before he can react. His level cap is 24.

Helga: Like all of the other heroes in this game, she has a unique ability to call a portal from which she may fire a large number of bullets toward her enemy’s location, killing him before he can react. Her level cap is 23.


How to get heroes?

You can obtain new heroes in the following ways:

* level up your hero box by collecting more fragments from missions

* buy them with silver coins in the shop, which can be earned via missions or bought via real money.

hero hunters mod apk 5.8.1

Why my game crashes after I update?

The new version of the game requires more memory to run, so please uninstall it from your phone and download it from the play store again.

Why the box I have just opened only includes lots of fragments?

You can obtain heroes by opening hero boxes via the ‘ open hero box ‘ button in the Hero Box section. However, this kind of box only contains fragments. If you want other items, please check the silver boxes. You can also get a hero box from missions or a daily login reward.

How to get silver?

You can obtain silver coins via:

* level up your account by collecting more fragments via missions or by leveling up your daily login reward (every day, you can get coins and fragments, the amount of coins and fragments depends on how many days you log in).

  • buying them with real money.
  • daily login reward.
  • you can also obtain silver coins via missions occasionally, such as completing missions such as using 20 or more heal in a team or not taking any damage for 10 seconds.

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