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Back Wars mod APK is a strategy game. Travel back in time with your modern army and participate in engrossing brawls with the in-game characters, employing powerful weapons and huge fists.
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Back Wars Mod Apk Latest Version

Back Wars Mod Apk’s gameplay of thinking and acting for Android users is basic but entertaining. Feel free to explore the absorbing realm of medieval warfare, which pits your modern armies against those of various medieval kingdoms. Incite revolutions in different countries and engage in humorous brawls amongst comical characters in an attempt to dominate the world.

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Travel back in time with your modern army and participate in engrossing brawls with the in-game characters, employing powerful weapons and huge fists. Take on the ultimate fighting game that combines strategy and action. While enjoying the addictive in-game warfare, play as a single player or command the whole army. All of these should make the game a lot more exciting and fun.


Simple control choices

Back Wars Mod Apk credit, the classic 1-handed control technique, or dual-wield control options are available to those interested in immediately engaging themselves in this exciting mobile game action. These controls should be familiar to gamers who have played MDickie’s previous games, such as Hard Time, School Days, and others.
At the same time, if you’ve never played an MDickie game before, you may stop the game at any moment and read through Back Wars’ simple control instructions. As you search for moves and abilities to use on your characters, use the provided touch control options to gain handy in-game suggestions.

There are various nations from which to pick.

The surprising gameplay of Back Wars lets Android users play a variety of different sides, each with its own set of nations and territories. Pick your preferred sides and attempt to rule the globe with your chosen state, each with its army and civilization. Spark the great revolution and cause substantial changes to the medieval world with your army.

Take part in the ultimate in-game map challenge.

Back Wars also comes with the ultimate in-game map, packed with clever features and thrilling story twists. As a result of the helpful AI, the NPC nations will be able to think for themselves. As a consequence, Android players will be exploring the in-game map and participating in some thrilling activities. After each round, keep note of each country’s moves and sentiments toward you. To appreciate the superb strategic gameplay, even more, try moving your spies, troops, and diplomats about the globe.

Attempt to capture the enemy’s sophisticated weaponry.

Let’s face it: if you’re fighting campaign combat (or any form of conflict) with swords, you’re going to lose in terms of damage and simplicity of use to modern firearms. Weapons are lighter than crossbows and can damage quicker than crossbows, especially using a machine gun. Swords and spears may be heavy and unwieldy, but weaponry is few enough not to prevent character movement and can deal out damage faster than crossbows. With this in mind, it’s always a good idea to take advantage of a good chance when you see one and to pick up a modern-day weapon if a modern-day adversary drops it.

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Make a plan and move such units ahead of time.

Early on in Back Wars MOD APK, you’ll notice that the opponent (AI-controlled, of course) looks to be making a lot of maneuvers, transferring troops from one zone to the next. That’s because the AI is preparing movements to take over part of your green squares while double-checking everything is in order a few (or many) rounds in advance. We won’t go through how to accomplish it in detail, but rest sure that you must do it. During a campaign, you may take over many areas of the map at any moment, so don’t restrict yourself to just one. Don’t be hesitant to deploy soldiers to a territory where you plan to make a future move if you feel it requires reinforcements.

Be on the lookout for wild animals.

Remember that the game takes place around 1000 AD, so you’ll be battling in the wild, which means there will be a few things to contend with. While some animals, such as chickens and rabbits, are tiny and harmless, vast creatures, such as bears and deer, should be avoided. When dealing with great animals, be cautious since they may attack you and may damage your health. While animals aren’t programmed to favor the past or the present, they appear to often collaborate with the latter to make your life difficult. Consequently, being flanked on one end by a gun-wielding attacker and the other by a hazardous wild animal is no laughing matter.

Battle Mode is an excellent place to hone your combat skills.

If you don’t feel like you’re working clever enough to beat the foes from the present, you can always fight no-stakes combat in Battle mode, where you may determine the number of warriors on each side before the conflict starts. Unfortunately, you will only have that choice if you are playing the trial version of the game. If you purchase the commercial version of Back Wars MOD APK, you will create battles pitting the past against the future. Change the location of all clashes in Battle mode to Past or Present vs. Present. Otherwise, all encounters in Battle mode will occur at random! There are no stakes in this mode, and there is no motivation to defend or get a new one, regardless of how these interactions will arrange. This mode is all about practice, so make use of it whenever possible!

Because this is a PvE game, anger leaving is acceptable.

Back Wars is a player versus environment (PvE) game, similar to earlier MDickie offerings. For those who aren’t acquainted with gaming language, this means that human players compete against computer-controlled opponents. So, if you’re about to lose a battle because your opponent is just too powerful (or has too many troops) for you to handle, you may rage-quit or dismiss the app by swiping it to restart the game without losing territory to your opponent! Of course, if you want to be honest, you may play it straight and skip the shenanigans, although rage-quitting is allowed in Back Wars Premium APK if you need a second chance.

In this game, you may control a single individual or a vast army.

Furthermore, you may freely experience Back Wars’ excellent gameplay with your selected characters or the whole army while fighting in thrilling confrontations with other nations and regions. Have some fun with MDickie Games’ interactive warfare strategies. You may also use the Commander mode to command your whole army. Back Wars’ surprising gameplay should be even more enjoyable as a result of all of this.

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Feel free to alter your characters’ appearances.

Android players may now modify their characters and soldiers via in-game changes, which adds to the excitement. Feel free to create your army with a wide range of troops and various styles. You’ll get even more absorbed in the addictive gameplay of interactive activities with your fascinating characters.

Gaming, Online or Offline

Those who enjoy the fascinating gameplay of Back Wars may play the superb mobile game without needing to connect to the Internet. As a consequence, when you’re outdoors, you may play the game anytime you like. You won’t have to waste your cell data or look for a Wi-Fi connection since you can play the game while traveling.

Unlocked MOD

Advertisements and in-app purchases are constantly there since it is still a freemium game. As a consequence, you may want to check out the game’s updated version on our website. We offer a plethora of free in-game features and unlocked content for you to enjoy. You should be able to play the game after downloading the Back Wars Mod APK from our website and following the installation instructions.

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