How Kundalini Yoga can Fast-Track our Addiction Recovery

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Somehow because of the cholesterol scare, we have gotten the message that oil is bad. Refined, fried oils are not easily digested by the body. Natural oils are needed by the body for optimum functioning.

  • Do this 3-5 minute exercise 3 or more times a day, especially at moments when you are being pulled to a compulsive, addictive behavior.
  • We may sabotage ourselves by doing things that don’t really get our needs met or are harmful.
  • The term Kundalini means “the coiled one,” which refers to the coiled holy energy that yogis believe exists at the base of each person’s spine.
  • That moment when you go to take a bite, a hit, a drink, there is a chance for the pause; to be mindful, to look in, and walk away from the compulsion.

Maybe every issue we face is a spiritual issue between me and myself and me and the Divine. The best day to begin any regime or Sadhana to break or make new habits is the New Moon. I have personally experienced that it is much easier to keep up and actually succeed when I start a fast on the New Moon. Yogically, forty days Goodbye Letter to Addiction Template Download Printable PDF is the amount of time it takes to break a habit. A duration of practice that lasts 40 days lets the meditation provoke your subconscious (mind) to release any thoughts and emotional patterns that hinder you. A good meditation will break your old patterns, put in a seed for a new pattern, and clear the subconscious.

What is the purpose of Kundalini yoga?

Now, as we stand equipped with this profound wisdom, the onus is on us to integrate it into our lives, especially for those touched by the scourge of addiction. Whether it’s by adopting the teachings of Kundalini or by engaging in sessions that promote attaining a peaceful state of mind, the path to healing is clear and within reach. To truly grasp the magnitude and potential of Kundalini meditation in the realm of addiction recovery and overall well-being, continue reading in the next segment.

  • It took me several years to eliminate my desire for refined sugar.
  • I had patterns of thought that would creep in and cause certain reactions, behaviors, and compulsions.
  • She has a Master’s degree in Classics, is a Registered Psychotherapist, and is the owner of Adi Shakti Yoga & Therapy located in Colorado.
  • According to the theory behind Kundalini meditation, life energy lies at the base of your spine (root chakra), coiled like a snake — and that’s where its name comes from.

It can stop us from people-pleasing to our own detriment. Our higher self is our true self and it makes decisions for the greater good.

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It could change your life and be a key to dealing with eating disorders and weight. Many addictions, especially smoking, drugs and alcohol, are related to the fire element. Navel breathing, especially Breath of Fire and 4 Part Breath, give us the fire energy we crave.